long, slow road
paved in bone
talking head, turn off the sound
tinitus ring, help us to drown

long, slow road
head hung low
giant tracks, fifty feet wide
brain is dull yet we keep it in stride

all eyes are fixed upon the horizon
there's something there that everyone needs
it's standing up as some sort of beacon
as we fall down to our knees

feed the need, feed the need

is it strange that we are devoted

feed the need, the need is greed

to things that can't return our love (love love)?

behold colossus - towering above all
i am colossus - watch as i fall

there's a crowd gathering in its footprint
seem that things have gone awry
hooks and chains
saws and bombs, oh my!

it's coming down like a freight train
it's coming down like a hurricane
it's gonna lead us to the next age, to our doom

if you need to know a reason
for why we're all here
i'd like to think it's based on love
but truth is something we should fear

so here it is for both the chumps and robber-barons
the incestuous inertia of countless generations
there's no such thing as infinite ascension
all good things come but end in obliteration

colossus rises and colossus falls
and there's a monument of rust to remember it all
the beacon, the martyr, the boom, and the slaughter
destined arrival of hell or high water


from Paper Leviathan, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The Gingerdead Men Akron, Ohio

The Gingerdead Men (tGDM) were a bad-ass, rock’n roll band. They shunned trends and embraced complete creative freedom. They tought rock’n roll should be loud, to the point, and capable of shaking your pants and bobbing your head. Their lyrics told tall tales about the future, the past, monsters and more. Somehow, it worked. Well.

tGDM believed that massive amplification was ALWAYS the answer.
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