Ninety and Nine Cats

from by The Gingerdead Men



well hello there
i didn't see you
step on up and i will tell you a tale
that you won't believe
there was this girl
back when i a boy
well not a child but much younger, younger
than i am at this time
where was i?
...oh yeah, there was a girl
she managed to do something so wrong
that she was imprisoned for life

i've said it before, and you know i'll say it again
there ain't no good can come from, a woman scorned

i should mention
i'm the one who turned her in
being falsely led to believe that the
truth could set me free
she got jacked
as one would expect
she cursed my name and said
something about a plague of cats
that's misleading
let me say it again
she begged satan to send a bunch of cats to
tear me apart

i've said it before, and i'll say it again
ain't no good can come from, a woman scorned

all these years
I've been on edge
looking over my back
in anticipation
fearing my furry demise
now if there's a lesson
to be learned
i guess it would have to be to
mind your own business

it might be
some sort of trick of mind
but i swear on more than one occasion
i saw one creeping behind

damn this curse
damn these cats
damn that girl


from Paper Leviathan, released May 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The Gingerdead Men Akron, Ohio

The Gingerdead Men (tGDM) were a bad-ass, rock’n roll band. They shunned trends and embraced complete creative freedom. They tought rock’n roll should be loud, to the point, and capable of shaking your pants and bobbing your head. Their lyrics told tall tales about the future, the past, monsters and more. Somehow, it worked. Well.

tGDM believed that massive amplification was ALWAYS the answer.
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